Whenever we mention fast food, the first thing you think about is “unhealthy”, “fat” and, “vegan unfriendly.” However, choosing to be vegan is due to a variety of personal reasons. Nevertheless, if you refuse to eat meat just because you think that being vegan is healthier, check this out!

In fact, vegan fast food options are often limited, despite the fact that big chains are starting to implement better vegan meal plans in their restaurants world wide. Although the big question remains: Are vegetarian fast food options really healthier?

Very Vegan, but Still Unhealthy

Yes, the fat and calories content is lower than in the traditional options. Especially since we remove ourselves from bacon, cheese and other supplements. However, that does not mean they are healthy options. Because yes, instead of the 1,000 calories that we would inject in our bodies with a standard menu, we would take 700 as vegans. Although, being honest, the fewer, the better, it’s still unhealthy for you if you are watching your weight.

Limited Options And More Expensive

Although when talking about vegan fast food options, what we find is, above all, little to choose from. Because beyond the star plate of each franchise, we don’t have much to choose from. And, in most fast food places, even the standard salad is not suitable for vegans. However, it seems that more and more these vegan burgers are making their way in, as announced recently by Burger King.

In addition, vegan menus often cost a bit more than regular ones. So, if McDonalds ever make vegan food, you’d probably have to pay more for it.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Pizza

Now that we have established that vegan options are not always healthier, let’s talk about to enjoy those extra calories once in a while.

Furthermore, if you stick to your diet and workout routine, the you know that you need a cheat day to balance. Wether your are vegan or not, you can literally never go wrong with pizza. Not only that pizza restaurants offer a variety of options, even for vegans, you can also make your own with the toppings you want.


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