We often talk about how celebrities stay in shape and keep looking 20 even when they are 40. However, few times we mention their strict diets, trips to nutritionists and self-care routines. In fact, the public often neglects the hard work our favorite celebs must do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, while some celebrities prefer to keep their lifestyle habits private, others do share their secrets with us. So, here are 5 celebs’ advice on how they manage to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer Lopez

I mean, Jennifer Lopez’s performance during the Super Bowl Halftime show left all of us speechless. She might have turned 50 years old, but it was clear that she still got the moves of a 25 years old. Nevertheless, it’s also clear that she has been committed to staying on shape and healthy over the years. Her secret? Jennifer Lopez says that she drinks plenty of water, uses sunscreen everyday, and eats healthy. In addition, she confessed to Us Weekly that she avoids alcoholic beverages, caffeine and never smoked a cig.

Halle Berry

Although Halle Berry has been a bit off screen lately, every time she is on the red carpet, she amazes us with her gorgeous physique. Actually, Halle admitted that she has been struggling with diabetes since she was 19, yet commits to a strict diet to stay both healthy and in shape. Her advice consists of simply eating 4 balanced meals a day, instead of 3 main ones (like most of us.) In addition, her meal plan contains lots of veggies, water and little carbs, processed sugar and bread.

Nicole Kidman

Who didn’t have a crush on Nicole Kidman after watching Moulin Rouge? The Australian star always looked lavishing, and not even aging took that away from her. Nicole spilled the beans regarding celebs’ advice for a healthy lifestyle. Basically, she abides by the 80:20 rule, which is what many nutritionists actually recommend. This rule revolves around eating healthy food 80% of the time, but also not resisting human nature by splurging into cravings 20% (which is literally once in a while)

Reese Witherspoon

Reese, also one of our favorite celebs, doesn’t exactly share the same point of view as Kidman. In fact, she is very open about following a healthy life style and kinda admits imposing it on her family. She admits not to give in to any cravings, except on very special occasions. However, she chooses to opt for veggies and lean protein diets. Way to go Reese, that’s literally what we all should be doing!

Cindy Crawford

Who is better to give advice on staying in shape than a model, right? Cindy Crawford believes that detoxing is an important part of having a healthy style. She admits starting everyday with a cup of green tea and a protein shake. She told ELLE magazine, that starting the day right is what allows you to control your food intake, and therefore watch for your weight and health.


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