No need to state the obvious, we know that beet is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, people seem to have a love-hate relationship with this vegetable, despite its delicious taste. Well, experts have officially came up with new research, proving that beet is the new power food for your health.

Furthermore, beets have a variety of nutritional properties that can actually benefit you on so many levels. In addition, beet can help you get rid of and avoid some serious health risks. Here are 5 reasons why you should include beet in your diet ASAP.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Beets are generally known for their healthy properties regarding blood circulation in the body. They contain occurring nitrates which convert to nitric oxide. In addition, eating raw beets can lower your blood pressure by 4 points after just few hours. Furthermore, the nitric oxide improves blood flow because it allows your blood vessels to relax.

Boosts Circulation of The Brain

In addition to blood pressure, eating beets will also improve the blood flow to your head. Actually, the same oxide nitrate that boosts the blood circulation, lowers the risks of having brain strokes, and improves the general health of your brain.


If you are having some inflammation issues, doctors will recommend you to try a beets smoothie as a natural remedy. Consequently, you will feel a lot better after consumption, as beet is high on anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, a study confirmed that people diagnosed osteoarthritis, felt relieved and had less joint pain after consuming capsules made with beets.

Detoxes The Liver

Adding beet to your diet will significantly improve your liver function. In fact, if you consume alcohol often, chances is that your liver is damaged. However, beet detoxes the liver thanks to the betaines that can reverse a fatty liver.

Can Prevent Cancer

Finally, and although there is no science backed-up research regarding wether beets can cure cancer, but it has been discussed that it could prevent the formation of early cancer cells. Actually, examined human cells reflected that the extract of beetroot reduced the growth of both breast and prostatecancer cells. No wonder that beet is the new power food for your health, and we all should include it in our diets.


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