Adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always mean life drastic change. Sometimes, it takes changing into healthy habits to achieve long-term positive results. Although for some people, sticking to a new healthy routine can be exhausting, experts recommend to slowly adhere to the change and not all at once, to get used to healthy habits for a longer life.

Harvard University researchers investigated the power of certain healthy habits, and their ability to make significant change. They looked carefully at data from the NHS and HPFS. Their massive survey focused on diet, physical activity, body weight, smoking, and alcohol consumption to come up with these healthy habits you must follow, if you want to live longer.  

Avoid Overeating


Yes, there is such a thing as eating too much. Actually, most people who are not used to having healthy eating habits, believe that they should eat whenever they feel hungry. However, calories intake has been connected to longevity.

Moreover, healthy eating consists of lowering the portions (and calories), while still having balanced meals. This will help you loose the belly fat thanks to calorie restriction.

Healthy Diet

Food and vegetables on a table

In addition to eating 5 small portions a day instead of 3 full meal, it is important to know what to cook. Furthermore, there are various ways of healthy cooking that help you take the most out of your food’s nutrients.

One healthy habit for a longer life, is loading your daily meals with greens, veggies, protein, meat, healthy carbs and fruit.

Balanced Workout

Girl running

Working out is not only meant for you to lose weight, but to also build muscle and get stronger. Having a balanced workout is actually as important as the food advice above. According to several experts, staying active can increase your life span. In fact, they argued that exercising for only 15 minutes a day can actually include 3 additional years of life.

Less Tobacco And Alcohol

Girl smoking a cigarette

Although this one should go without mentioning, most people struggle the most with quitting their bad habits. Tobacco and too much alcohol are some of the main reasons of early deaths. However, due to the high volume of polyphenol antioxidants in wine, people who prefer red wine have less chances of dying early, as oppose to those who drink beer or spirits.


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