Healthy smoothies are the best post-workout meal. Sometimes, it’s quite complicated to think of a healthy quick snack, or a healthy quick breakfast. Especially if our diet restricts too many carbohydrates, and these meals usually rely heavily on this macronutrient. However, we found for you 4 healthy smoothies that are healthy, full of nutritions and easily made for a fresh snack or start of the day!

Strawberry and Almond

A lot of protein, healthy fats and very few carbohydrates in return, what more could you ask for? If it also tastes like strawberry, we have an incredible solution for those “dead” hours between lunch and dinner. How is it done?

With only almond milk, frozen strawberries, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a handful of almonds you will get in shape with this smoothie. Beat it all together and voilà. Although you can always add some chia seeds to the mix if you want a little more fiber.

Refreshing Lemon Smoothie

Freshly cut lemons without the skin, and skim milk, lime yogurt and some ice cubes will be all you need. Although, you can always add a few raspberries to balance the flavor.

If on the contrary what you want is something cooler and more refreshing, we also have one of those perfect smoothies for you. In this case, add more the lime flavored juice instead of the strawberries. And, some gin on a hot summer day!

Energy Drink Smoothie

Do you need an extra energy shot? This smoothie is for you. Nothing better to activate and give your best than one of these shakes. Because not everything about diet, is related to calories and losing weight.

Pour a handful of berries into the blender with a teaspoon of flaxseed oil and another of flaxseed seeds. A little lemon and cranberry juice plus some stevia. And finally, some ice cubes and some water.

Kiwi and Melon

A smoothie loaded with sweetness and with very few calories, so you don’t go crazy if you have a sweet tooth. In addition, it will be the best way to consume your five pieces of fruit a day without having to pack an apple or a banana wherever you go.


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