Snoring is an uncomfortable condition for you and the person sleeping next to you. However, does snoring really say something about your lifestyle habits? Actually, the Sleep Organization identifies the severity of snoring, based on it’s various forms. We have gathered for you this article, in order to understand what does sleep reveal about our unhealthy habits.

Snoring differs from a person to another. In fact, there many ”noises” that fall under the snoring category: wheezes, whistles, or rattles. These signs are the result of blocked airways, due sometimes to catching a cold that temporarily clogs your breathing airways.

However, when the snoring persists even after the sickness is gone, that’s when you should pay attention to it. Heavy disruptive snoring could be saying something about your weight, excessive smoking or alcohol and medication consumption.

How Can Snoring Be Dangerous?

Apart from the horrible mood that follows a terrible night- sleep, snoring can actually be dangerous. The Sleep Org also clarified that snoring may lead to some severe conditions, such as heart disease and obstructive sleep apnea.

Furthermore, those vibrations from snoring may cause trauma and inflammation in the artery. Experts on sleep explain that changes in the artery may result in a hardening of the arteries that is involved in several vascular diseases.

What Can You Change?

Although if you have been an always-snorer, it will be very difficult for your body to change that. However, as we mentioned previously, snoring could be warning you from unhealthy habits. Weight your first clue! Excess of built-up fatty tissues in your throat could be causing your uncomfortable sleep.

Moreover, food is also a serious cause of snoring. Consuming spicy foods right before bed may be a direct cause for a bad night sleep. Smoking and drinking should also be moderated, in order to change your unhealthy habits that make you snore more.


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