Catching a common cold in the winter is perfectly normal. As the temperature goes down, our bodies suffer through the transition. Actually, most people freak out when starting to notice a runny nose or a bad cough. However, these symptoms can be treated without needing a day off to go see the doctor. In fact, health experts recommend these 4 natural popular treatments to fight a common cold.

Did you know that in some culturespeople eat raw garlic to fight the flu? Well, other options with less horrible taste could include a soup with a lot of garlic. Either way, it’s an amazing natural treatment for common cold. It’s rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties.

In a study, participants were asked to eat a garlic supplement each day for 12 weeks. The results showed that between November and February, those who took garlic had a reduced risk of catching a cold by more than half.

Lemon And Honey

This is the traditional recipe of your grandmother. However, since I was a little girl, every time I start having an itchy throat, or start feeling like a cold is coming my way, I take some lemon and honey. You warm both together until really hot, then you drink the mix with a spoon. The trick is that it needs to be the last thing you consume. Somehow, it has always worked, and I instantly felt better overtime I took this miraculous natural treatment.

Vitamin C

Make sure that your diet is rich with vitamin C, in the winter more than ever. As a matter of a fact, a lot of people resort to extra intake of vitamin C. Researchers examined studies to establish a correlation between an intake of 200 mg a day and preventing common cold. although the results did not appear to prove it, it did show that there was a slight reduction in the length and severity of cold symptoms.


Finally, ginger is one of the most popular home cures for a cold. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is used to fight everything from a sore-throat to a headache. Spices in general are very affective to boost immunity, ginger in particular has many benefits. Actually, hot ginger tea is a popular home remedy for cold symptoms and sore throat.


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